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The ABEL program regularly conducts research and evaluation focused on technology enhanced learning, collaboration and effective implementation strategies. We also participate as a partner in research projects with other organizations, agencies and institutions as well as private sector partners.

As one of the ABEL Program's services, research helps our members and partners move from inspiration to knowledge mobilization, applying the latest research to real-life situations in the classroom, the workplace, and the community.

ABEL works with university researchers, public and private community organizations, faculty and other affiliated research groups to:

  • Support real-time and asynchronous collaboration over a distance
  • Provide access to training for leading-edge tools and resources that support collaborative and innovative work
  • Develop and deliver resources and content
  • Provide access to services that evaluate the efficacy of technology-mediated learning, training and collaboration solutions. 

This research informs the ABEL program's evaluation of technological tools and developments for learning. The ABEL program disseminates all research in order to influence change and encourage innovation.

ABEL Research Initiatives


The ABEL Program is participating in an exciting project as part of the Inclusive Design Institute (IDI). The IDI is Canada’s first research hub to focus on the inclusive design of emerging, mainstream information and communication technologies (ICT), providing leadership in addressing the critical and timely question: “How do we design and develop our ICT systems and practices such that they are inclusive of people with varying abilities, languages and cultural preferences?” Working with York University’s Institute for Research in Learning Technologies, ABEL will work in the areas of accessible video conferencing and innovative e-learning.

Centre for Refugee Studies

The ABEL Program is working with Canadian Refugee Studies  (CRS) cluster project, funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). As a partner in SSHRC, ABEL will provide access to a set of collaborative tools and implementation strategies that ensure the effective use of networks and networked learning and provide opportunities to extend education, learning and research.

Knowledge Mobilization

ABEL works with the Knowledge Mobilization  (KMb) unit at York University to support community outreach by linking the university and its researchers to the ABEL network and K-12 schools on Ontario. ABEL’s videography also captures and streams KMb events and has been involved in KMb’s community outreach, the Data Symposium, the KMb Expo, and other KMb hosted events. ABEL is also on the KMb advisory committee.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find how how you can become an ABEL Research Partner.

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