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Professional Learning

ABEL Professional Learning Program provides opportunities for ABEL and LC members to learn the use of a variety of technologies to support and improve 21st century skills for all learners. Engage in professional learning that includes hands-on practice, discussions, sharing of best practices and facilitation by experts. From face-to-face to online sessions, ABEL provides many new learning opportunities based on member suggestions and feedback from past participants.

Explore various applications and share best practices to enhance knowledge, skills and attitudes for all learners. 

Participant Testimonials:

Spatial Reasoning with Diane Stang

I just wanted to thank you for facilitating this awesome series of video conferences! I really gained a lot out of them and also was reassured that my teaching is on track! There were a couple of teachers in our family of schools who also participated and we are already looking at how we will help our schools implement them in this final month and next year!

I appreciated the prompt start and honouring the time frame set out. The knowledge of the facilitator made entering the discussion easier. We will continue our conversations at the school based on our learning.

ABEL Leadership Summit: Be Creative

You don’ have to be disruptive to engage in innovation. There are levels of innovation. There is incremental innovation that still adds value.

I was very appreciative of the understanding and reinforcement of the concept "Creativity loves Focus"

I will likely begin informally in simply paying greater attention to the strengths, talents and orientation that different individuals bring to a task and to making sure people feel connected to both the outcome and the process of creatively bringing about change.