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Consulting Services

ABEL Consulting Services help members build capacity for technology-enhanced learning, collaboration, knowledge sharing and mobilization. Our expertise ensures quality support that leverages technologies and connects people regardless of geographical distance. These services and costs may be modified based on client or partner requirements. ABEL will meet the needs of their partners and collaborators by customizing service to meet specific goals of program delivery and access. Our services include:

• Videoconferencing

• Video streaming (real time or asynchronous access)

• Consulting services on the effective use of collaborative and social applications such as blogs, wikis, e-portfolio, podcasting, Learning Management Systems, and more

• Instructional design for the development and delivery of web-based learning and/or collaborative services and courses

• Technological consulting services

• Client Training and Professional Learning Consulting

• Web and Content Development

• Social Media Consulting

• Access to a network of community partners and relationships that are both local, national and international.

Please contact us for more information or to request a service.  

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