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2012-2013 Research

Phase 1 – Learning Connections: Developing Skills for the 21st Century

Link to full report for phase 1

The first phase of the research had three objectives: to undertake a comparative analysis of four sets of student learning skills standards intended to promote 21st century skills; to synthesize from these a set of standards appropriate for guiding and assessing Learning Connections project work; and to use the generated standards framework to review LC project activities and outcomes undertaken in 2011-2012 to assess the degree to which those projects addressed the improvement of the included skills.

Phase 2 – Applying 21st Century Skills in Learning Connections Classroom Projects: A Comparative Case Study

Link to full report for phase 2

The purpose of the second phase of the study was to assess student utilization and development during LC project work of the skills included in the LC 21st Century Skills Standards framework in a sample of 2012-2013 school year projects.

Summary of Skills Framework