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2011-2012 Research

Project Year-end Report

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This report reviews the 2011‐2012 Learning Connections [LC] program participation proposals submitted by Ontario Boards of Education, examines the progress made in implementing these programs/projects over the year. It examines the pedagogical aims and foci of the school boards’ proposed professional learning plans, the alignment of LC project content and activities with Ministry of Education and Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat teaching strategy initiatives, and reviews project design and scalability based on what is known about the features of effective professional development. The fidelity of project implementation relative to the submitted plans is examined, and the project leads’ reports of teacher capacity building, changes in teaching practices, and student outcomes consequent to project participation are analyzed.

The report draws on three primary data sources: the written project proposals submitted by the board LC champions for the 2011‐2012 school year, individual interviews conducted with their project leads in January and February 2012, and responses to an open‐ended questionnaire submitted to the interviewees in late May 2012. In addition, online Ministry of Education and LNS curriculum and resource documents were consulted regarding current teaching strategy initiatives in the province.