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School-Based Modern Learning Reps

Inquiry Question:

How will having in-house modern learning representative in YRDSB Photoeach school support the effective implementation of the modern learning framework?

Project Description:

The Technology and Learning Fund from the Ministry and Learning Connection Fund will be used to support various actions related to the Board’s Modern Learning Strategy. This opportunity is one of many ongoing and new opportunities supporting the Board’s three foci of Mathematics, Modern Learning and Mental Health, that will be available through various departments.

With the approval of their principal, one elementary Special Education teacher from 4 CEC areas will join 3 other teachers from their school as Modern Learning Representatives (MLRs). These teachers will be supported by Curriculum and Instructional Services, Digital Literacy Resource Teacher Shadi Yazdan and Technology Resource Teacher Andrea Brown to build capacity in the area of modern learning. At the same time, they will contribute to building a community of learners and support the Modern Learning focus.

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The Modern Learning Representative Team will promote the improvement of literacy and/or numeracy instruction by:

  • building capacity in individual schools as well as within their family of schools through a sustainable professional learning model;
  • fostering innovative practices and educational technologies in YRDSB classrooms;
  • actively contributing to the adoption, understanding and implementation of the Modern Learning Frame at a school level.

Alignment with Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-BeingYRDSB image

Based on our Director's plan, modern learning is authentic, relevant, deep learning that enables learners to create, to connect, to communicate and to share their learning with the world and to be future ready. Our project will:

  • Aim to provide professional learning to build the capacity of staff to use pedagogies for deep learning in order to:
    • personalize
    • learning and assessment;
    • promote collaboration, creativity and critical thinking;
    • appropriately integrate technology as a learning and communication tool; and
    • increase the opportunities for experiential learning.
  • Pilot and learn from the development and implementation of flexible learning structures.
  • Promote the mindsets of innovation, growth, character and community as foundational to digital and global citizenship.
  • Promote collaborative leadership to engage stakeholders in moving towards a culture and mindset of modern learning. YRDSB Hour of Code Storify