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Leveraging Digital Tools/ Resources to Enable and Accelerate Deep Learning and Inquiry.


Inquiry Question:

How do we support our students in becoming compassionate OCSB PhotoGlobal citizens who are life-long creative, collaborative problem solvers in an increasingly complex and connected world?

Project Description:

The Collaborative Inquiry Cycle {Plan (Assess and Design), Act (Implement), Observe /Measure and Reflect} will be used to facilitate the documentation and sharing of the Cross-curricular learning journeys between teachers and students in grades K-6. Particular attention will be made to the mindful use and implementation of digital tools and resources and the school conditions that enable and accelerate OCSB Photothe process of deep learning. During the project they will explore the importance of learning partnerships (between and among students and teachers), the importance of designing rich learning opportunities and tasks that foster the 6 C's and student thinking/learning in Literacy, Numeracy and across all content areas.

Alignment with Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-Being

The Ottawa Catholic Board Innovation Plan to support student achievement and wellness will be constructed after they look for trends and patterns within/across all of 80 SIPsaws. Inquiry Intentions will be formulated in the fall based on trends/patterns/needs noted in SIPsaws.  The plan for Learning Connections aligns nicely with the OCSB School board priorities for 2015-16 with a focus on innovation, the 6 C’s and success for students, staff and stewardship of resources.