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Northeast Project 2015-16



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Deepening Connections within the North East Region


Inquiry Question:

Northeast team

How can we use a technology platform to help deepen connections between Ministry teams and Board teams for learning, collaborating and working together regularly in a deeper and more connected way that is responsive to the BIPSA goals and actions Boards are currently focused on? 

Project Description:

Our current focus as a Field Team is to engage in deeper conversation with Superintendents and Board Leadership teams in an effort to further understand the Student Achievement priorities and actions Boards in the NE Region are currently implementing and to think about how technology can assist us with moving the work forward.  As we understand more deeply, we will look for opportunities to collaborate, learn and communicate utilizing technology effectively in a more balanced combination with face-to-face.  

Northeastern regionThe NE Field Team (Ministry of Education) is beginning to think strategically about how to collaborate more effectively with Boards throughout their region:  Algoma DSB, DSB Ontario North East, Huron-Superior CDSB, Near North DSB, Nipissing-Parry Sound CDSB, North-Eastern CDSB, Rainbow DSB, Sudbury CDSB.  Being the size of Europe, the Region spans an enormous geography making face-to-face work very challenging.  The Field Team is interested in changing the way they work with education partners (Directors, Board teams, SIM teams, SWST, Numeracy Facilitators etc.).  Through the Learning Connections Proposal, the project will assist teams across the Region with an opportunity to shift our practice to one that is less demanding with respect to travel and time out of Board to a model that is more responsive and collaborative in nature.