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Limestone DSB 2015-16


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Meaningful Integration of Technology to Augment Learning and Reveal Student Thinking

Inquiry Question:

If adult learners deepen their understanding of the effective LDSB Photouse of technology (SAMR/TPACK) to reveal student thinking, educators will be better able to respond to student need and identify next steps.

Project Description:

Limestone DSB will explore the meaningful integration of technology to augment learning by following the TPACK and SAMR models. Web tools and Apps will be used to reveal and respond to student thinking with a focus on supporting teaching and learning mathematics through problem solving and math processes (communication of student thinking, reasoning/justifying, connecting).  

LDSB PhotoTeachers and students will learn through the power of "Co" with a co-learning stance.  This year educators involved in the project will continue to develop an understanding and improve their ability to navigate multi-faceted tools such as Google Apps for Ed and Office 365. 


Alignment with Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-Being

This project supports the overall focus of the Limestone DSB identified on the BIPSA which is "The Limestone DSB will cultivate critical thinking for all students in responsive learning environments". In addition, one of the BIPSA strategies is "support teaching and learning through technology".