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Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB 2014-15

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The KPRDSB plan is to: continue their use of web 2.0 tools for professional collaboration with added focus and consistency; deepen their understanding of student inquiry and how to facilitate it; and build on effective use of technology with students in the service of learning. Their project will build capacity of Teacher-Librarians (TLs) to integrate technology into their professional learning and also into their work with teachers and students in their schools. TLs will use some assigned collaborative tools for staying connected with each other, but will have choice over which technology tools they will use back at their schools. The technology tools will be integrated into a variety of curriculum expectations including literacy and numeracy, as TLs support many different curriculum subjects and strands.

Success Criteria:

Students will become more information literate (able to analyze, question, evaluate, and responsibly use information from a broad range of text forms to problem solve and create new understanding) and will be able to apply their learning to new situations. They will become familiar with using a variety of ICT tools to assist them in all stages of inquiry. Teacher Librarians will build their capacity in facilitating student inquiry through the use of ICT tools. They will also reflect on and improve the effectiveness of students using ICT tools.

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