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Durham Catholic DSB 2014-15

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The focus of the DCDSB project will be on teaching and learning mathematics through problem solving and math processes with the use of technology. DCDSB will build on student understanding and practice of accountable talk, student voice and descriptive feedback. Students will use the mathematical processes to problem solve and communicate their thinking and apply concepts, procedures, and strategies across all subject areas and in their everyday lives. The project will develop knowledge and proficiency with new strategies and practices that effectively integrate technologies, specifically BYOD in the teaching and learning process. Teachers will use different technologies that will engage our learners, and bring their experience and understanding of mathematics to a new level.

Success Criteria:

Students will use appropriate mathematical language and vocabulary to describe and communicate mathematical understanding developing problem-solving skills. Sutdents will work collaboratively to solve mathematical problems using descriptive feedback that is not ego based and linked to learning expectations. Students will use technology to capture their voice to improve learning and understand what quality work looks like.

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