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Catholic DSB of Eastern Ontario 2014-15


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The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario plans to align the Learning Connections project with the overall BIPSA question of: "How does a collaborative inquiry inform student thinking and learning?" The project will explore the effective integration of technology into mathematics not only to engage students, but also to capture student voice and thinking. Teachers will use different technologies that will engage 21st century learners, and bring their understanding of the big ideas in mathematics to a new level. The goal is to make the learning of mathematics enjoyable and meaningful through the use of a variety of devices and the appropriate integration of technology. The CDSBEO team will co-plan, co-teach and co-debrief throughout the year. They will use the Teacher Professional Learning Cycle to incorporate the use technology in their classrooms so their students will gain efficacy in their ability to communicate effectively in mathematics.

Success Criteria:

Teachers will use a self-evaluation surveying system, PIDS, that will be used at the beginning and end of the project. This will determine teacher growth of incorporating the use of technology in their classroom, the understanding of mathematical communication and accountability, along with incorporating technology into mathematics and math talk. Students will take a perceptual data survey where they will be asked questions on their interest and comfort in mathematics and technology.

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