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Integrating Inquiry-Based Learning resources with Literacy incorporating the tools of the Ministry’s Virtual Learning Environment (vLE) in the grade 8 science classroom; planning will be based upon Professional Learning Cycle using literacy strategies as outlined in the "Adolescent Literacy Guide". LC Champion teachers will collaborate with each other within districts and between districts using technologies convenient to all e.g. Skype, Facetime, Adobe Connect, vLE, etc. Regular virtual planning meetings will occur between teachers. Students will also meet virtually and collaborate on an on-going, as needed basis. Inquiry plans, results and artifacts will be shared between classes for feedback and support. The scope of the project focuses on the "Understanding Earth and Space Systems - Water Systems" unit of the Grade 8 Science and Technology curriculum. The inquiry will focus on a water issue or technological innovation related to a water system within their own community. Broad goals include an understanding of the similarities of issues surrounding the care and sustainability of water resources, and the development of an action plan in response. Aspects of digital literacy and citizenship will be examined in the course of correspondence and collaboration between the classes and districts (in, for example, discussion forums, ePortfolios, blogs, wikis, tweets, etc.)

Success Criteria:

Students will:

1. Understand the myriad of issues surrounding water quality in various communities 

2. Make connections between community livelihoods and environmental issues 

3. Demonstrate responsible use of collaborative digital tools 

4. Develop an action plan to promote concerns, viewpoints and/or solutions in response to water quality issues in their area 

5. Create and manage an ePortfolio to present their findings and results

Teachers will:

1. Become comfortable with the use of digital collaborative tools 

2. Integrate strategies within the Adolescent Literacy Guide into teaching pedagogy

3. Create an authentic assessment of learning task, with the integration of, for and as learning strategies


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