Projects 2014-2015

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LC Projects 2014-2015

Phase 11 for Learning Connections (LC) was a very successful year for educators. This year, 15 school districts from across Ontario participated in sharing, collaborating and professional learning.  In these districts, Learning Connections impacted about 148 schools, 255 teachers and over 5300 students over the course of the school year. 

With the support of Learning Connections, great things happened in these districts and innovation was clearly evident.  It was observed that educators have built capacity in their districts to improve and enhance the 21st century skills of both the teachers and the students.  Educators increased their ability to use technology more effectively for teaching, learning, collaborating, sharing, connecting and working.  Through the districts’ LC projects, educators have seamlessly blended their literacy and numeracy instructional practice with other district initiatives including teacher and student inquiry to further engage their students.

For more information, download LC Year in Review 2014-2015: Phase 11 PDF


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