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Trillium Lakelands DSB 2013-14

We currently have been provided with funds for our boards reserves to allow teachers to apply for up to $10,000 for technology in their classroom. We require teachers to base their request around an inquiry question based on curriculum goals. Teacher then have to tie their inquiry question to measurable outcomes connected to pre and post data. The learning from these inquiry question are tied to literacy and numeracy instruction. Examples of questions are: – Will understanding of text improve using engaging iPad apps in guided reading groups? – What is the impact of senteo clickers on student achievement when used for assessment for and of learning? – What does having continual and consistent access to individual computing have on reading fluency and oral language abilities. – What is the impact of using iPad Apps focused on Numeracy development in FDK classrooms? – How will the use of an xbox Kinect gaming system increase learning for our kinaesthetic learners.

Professional Learning Program:

Our plan is to pull the teachers involved in the project together throughout the school year and provide them with tools to online meetings to help enhance their learning and build on each others skill sets. We will be meeting a total of 3 times face to face with additional online opportunities for teacher to collaborate around their projects.

We have rolled out our technology for our IIT projects. Click here to read our successful applications.


Trillium Lakelands DSB - LC Project 2013-2014 Video