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Superior North Catholic DSB 2013-14

Our class will be focusing on the connection to land, language, culture and community with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy fluency through the use of educational apps on our iPad mini tablets. The use of technology will be integrated throughout their daily language, math, religion, science, social science, geography, history, health and physical education to develop inquiry learning skills through self motivated discovery. Using the iPads to enrich their learning, students will become stewards of the land and explore what it means to survive in our community, our country and our world. Our students’ voice will shine through with the use of the iPads and the learning will come naturally. Ideally, students will discover themselves and their strengths as learners with the use of our iPad minis.

Professional Learning Program:

In terms of professional development, my biggest area of need is around what apps for the iPad are most beneficial for Aboriginal students. I would like to find other examples of teacher’s projects with iPads. I would also like support from our Board staff who specialize in classroom technology to assist me in the compilation of useful resources that will benefit my students. (This has been put into place…technology teacher and elearning are part of the team)

'App’lying Our Knowledge Prezi