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Simcoe County DSB 2013-14

We are exploring ways to effectively support and implement our SCDSB Essential Practices through a system culture where educators learn and teach through collaborative inquiry. Our SCDSB Essential Practices are teaching, learning and assessment processes that all teachers in our Board use to increase consistency in teaching and learning. Examples of the Essential Practices include using learning goals and success criteria, descriptive feedback, technology-enabled classroom environments, accountable talk, etc. We will be creating network hubs throughout our district that will focus on embedding technology into daily teaching and learning. Examples of this work will include iPad projects to enhance oral language and feedback practices, using social media applications (Twitter, Edmodo, etc.) to enhance communication at a classroom and school level, etc. The results from implementing these initiatives will be shared back with the network hub groups.

Professional Learning Program:

Our Board has been divided into 5 areas where 5 network hubs have been established. In each hub, a family of schools (consisting of secondary and elementary schools) will use various technologies to communicate innovative practices to support embedding technology into daily teaching and learning. Professional learning sessions will include sharing planning and implementation of inquiry projects, as well as results. We see the hubs as the pebble in the pond with ripples taking place from there across schools and the district.

 Simcoe County DSB - LC Project 2013-2104 Video