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Rainbow DSB 2013-14

Integrating Inquiry-Based Learning resources with Literacy incorporating the tools of the LMS in the intermediate (grade 7-8) science classroom; planning will be based upon Professional Learning Cycle using literacy strategies as outlined in the “Adolescent Literacy Guide”. One authentic assessment task, one strand in science, 4 -7 teachers, possibly 2 rounds (fall & spring), (solicited with a call for volunteers). LMS tools used may include blog, discussion, survey, checklist, content tools. Co-planning among teachers from different schools. Sharing of progress and results between students.

Professional Learning Program:

Initial and on-going eLC support regarding use of the LMS in the classroom. Science coordinator guidance and support regarding inquiry based learning, backwards design of rich assessment tasks and integration of literacy strategies. Computer Task Force support regarding additional software training if necessary.

Rainbow DSB - LC Project 2013-2014 Video