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Limestone DSB 2013-14

Continue our team’s learning/collaboration around using Web 2.0 tools (Moodle, Twitter, Edmodo, Voicethread, Blogs) to engage students in authentic inquiry based learning. This includes: – Teaching and learning mathematics through problem solving and math processes (communication of student thinking, reasoning/justifying, connecting). – Continue building on student understanding of Accountable Talk. – Posing questions that stimulate higher level thinking. – Providing descriptive feedback. – Explicit mini-lessons (for example accountable talk, features within each tool, “netiquette”). – Co-created anchors (use of mentor work from other students demonstrating accountable talk through the use of the discussion guideline framework, for example: build, support, combine, justify, extend etc). – Differentiate through the use of Assistive Technology layered on Web 2.0 tools. – Connect students from different classes with each other to discuss and share work.

Professional Learning Program:

Growing our Professional Learning Community. This includes:

- Learning Connections Core Team: maintaining contact and sharing through First Class conference, professional development moodle, and face to face meetings every two months.

- Establish a Learning Connections community in the Limestone District School Board with a variety of representatives (primary, junior, intermediate, core French, special education).

- Facilitate professional development workshops to introduce and set new members up with Web 2.0 tools.

- Ongoing support to integrate into classroom settings.

- Participate in a few virtual learning sessions hosted by ABEL to meet small group needs within our LC Team. 

Limestone DSB - LC Project 2013-2014 Video

November 2013 Update

- Professional Learning Series evening PD session for teachers at the board office. LC champions ran a variety of workshops using Web 2.0 tools and ipad apps. Teachers from this session would have an opportunity to sign up for more intensive training in January through half day release sessions.

Jan. 2014 Update 

2 Professional Development Opportunites for Teachers

Opportunity 1 (continuation of November session) – Using Web Tools and Apps to Engage Students in Learning. As a part of this, participant will:
- register for learning Connections and Moodle accounts.
- participate in two half day sessions (release time is provided)
- receive support to setup their classroom Moodle
- continue building on student understanding of Accountable Talk.
- explore the use of other web tools and ipad apps
- develop instruction and assessment strategies
- share student work and discuss challenges that are often associated with initial technology set up and implementation in the classroom.

Opportunity 2 – Evening Professional Development Session at the Board Office
Title: Using Web Tools & Apps to Engage Students in Learning

A variety of LC presenters – sharing and a run through of practical applications (will include a focus on use in Core French)

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April 15 Update

– LDSB sharing in LC On-Line Meeting – April 2014