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Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB 2013-14

LC Spring Conference Presentation


Kawartha Pine Ridge - LC Project 2013-2014 Video 


 Project Description: We are continuing the journey we began last year…



1. Using web 2.0 tools for professional collaboration

2. Deepening our understanding of student inquiry.

3. Integrating effective use of technology with students.

There are 8 Elementary Teacher-Librarians (TLs) in our group.

School Effectiveness Indicator 4.3 states: “a digital environment is an integral part of professional practice, learning and leadership,” and our first goal is all about this. Last year we used a blog such as this one and found that it didn’t quite meet our needs. This year, we are trying Desire 2 Learn and the collaborative features of Microsoft Office 365.



We have embedded Twitter #KPRTLz to our D2L front page and continue to tweet our progress there as well:

Inquiry Twitter

To achieve goal number 2, we are grounding our understanding of Inquiry through the use of the Ontario School Library Association’s Inquiry Model. There are a number of Inquiry models emerging in curriculum documents, but they share common characteristics with OSLA’s.


 In order to achieve goal #3, we are using Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR Model as a guide to help us think about what the tech tool is allowing students to do. In short, is the technology simply a replacement for a tool previously used or does it allow students to go beyond what was possible before?


Our project is progressing well so far. We recently met face-to-face, supported by our Instructional Technology team to learn more about using all of the features of MSOffice365 (skydrive, lync, web apps) so that we can collaborate and meet virtually.