Hastings and Prince Edward DSB and Limestone DSB

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HPEDSB and LDSB 2013-2014

Project plan:

Co-learning between districts in the integrated use of iPads in the classroom (TPACK Model). LDSB 3 teachers per grade will be involved, but 1 from each will participate in co-planning/ co-teaching in partner district classrooms. They will then share their learning back at their home site.

Primary Literacy learning addressing one of (sound level phonemic awareness, letter awareness phonics, word practice read, time read, playback)

Junior Math Lit learning addressing the Math Processes (communicating, representing, reasoning) through problem solving

  • IF…students are engaged in rich tasks   THEN…they will persevere through the task and see purpose in explaining their understanding/thinking

May 2014 LC York U Presentation