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Near North DSB 2012-13

NNDSB Learning Connections Proposal 2012/2013

For many teachers, lack of experience with aspects of technology presents a roadblock in effectively using it within the classroom. In order to incorporate technology-based learning opportunities effectively into their curriculum, teachers need to be made aware of the benefits of learning to use these tools as well as find time to understand the programs.

We realize that by integrating technology in our schools, we are linked to a myriad of resources which will provide classrooms with engaging, interesting, diverse and current learning tools. Not only does technology aid in engaging our students, but it changes the way educators teach. It allows teachers to reach students by way of multiple intelligences in current, diverse and interesting ways.

Through the Learning Connections initiative, we will continue to take on role of coaches and facilitators with our colleagues in order to make relevant technology to support the curriculum more accessible in our classrooms.

We hope to encourage and foster the use of technology within our classrooms by use of various software applications and web-based programs and to effectively integrate technology across our curriculum in order to engage our students and enhance the learning process for them.

We will offer in-class support for teachers and their classes demonstrating and facilitating the use of many Web 2.0 tools as well as OESS software which will be linked to curriculum expectations to maximize relevance.
We will provide short tutorials that can be promoted during staff meetings with an offer of follow up support for interested teachers/administrators and will provide teachers with a monthly enewsletter packed with ideas on how to incorporate technology in the classroom.

We will create a NNDSB central learning community for teachers to refer to which will provide them with ideas and instructions on using various technology within their classrooms. (SharePoint)

Programs we will be promoting include (but not limited to):

Adobe Connect
Sharepoint Services
Learnning Management System (LMS)- Desire2Learn
OERB resources
Learn 360 resources
Student Link resources
Web 2.0 Tools including:
Kidblog, Edmodo