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Limestone DSB 2012-13


  • Continue our team’s learning/collaboration around using Web 2.0 tools (Discussion Forums such as Moodle, Voicethread, Blogs, Edsby) to engage students in authentic reading and writing (postings and responses) experiences.
  • A focus on Mathematics – Teaching and Learning through PS, Math Processes (Communication of student thinking, Reasoning/justifying, Connecting)  - (Educreations, ShowMe)
  • Continue building on student understanding of Accountable Talk, by using the same matrix:  accountable talk

Brief description:

  • posing questions that stimulate higher level thinking
  • co-created anchors (use of mentor work from other students  eg. Sharing voicethreads between classes)
  • modeling
  • providing descriptive feedback
  • explicit mini-lessons
  • Differentiate through the use of Assistive Technology layered on Web 2.0 tools
  • Using readers and writers workshop (draft, revise, edit, descriptive feedback, peer edit, success criteria)
  • incorporating rotary subjects