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Hastings and Prince Edward DSB 2012-13


The 2012-2013 Learning Connections project will examine the use of iPad cart systems and devices in the learning environment. We will be using our BIPSA guiding question, “What impact will collaborative teaching and learning, that focuses on the instructional core, have on student engagement and student achievement in K-12?” to frame our project plan.

Brief description:

  • iPad cart systems are going into 5 sites this year
  • Grade partners from each site will be participating (12 classroom teachers)
  • Range of grades involved – JK/SK, 2, 3, 4/5, and 6
  • Project will be integrated with district FSL network and will include 1-2 FSL (Core or French Immersion) from each site
  • Teachers will come together for capacity building – technology and instructional core
  • Teachers will co-plan lesson/unit activities that focus on the integration of iPads and the “task”
  • Follow up PD sessions will be focused on teacher needs and next steps at the student/classroom level


November 20th Session:

We brought together approximately 20 teachers and admin to begin our Learning Connections project. These were a mix of classroom teachers (K-8), core French teachers, French Immersion teachers, and special education resource teachers. Their comfort level with the devices varied. Below are links to the various resources we used for our initial session:

January 31st Session:

A smaller group gathered to continue the exploration with the integration of the iPads. We did some informal sharing about how the devices were being used, as well as any technical issues they were having. A good portion of the day was dedicated to team planning.