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Avon Maitland DSB 2012-13

Project #1: Intermediate Project

Intermediate teachers will source and work with another classroom teacher outside of their school but within their school district to produce a collaborative classroom project. This project will be math or language based, and it will align with their school’s PLC focus in January. The online space used must allow for student collaboration, chat and creativity and will be determined by the collaborating teachers (e.g. Google Presentations, GDocs, VoiceThread). Release time will be used for the teachers to meet and develop and moderate projects. These meetings could be face-to-face or online meetings. The project will be repeated in the spring, however this time the teachers will collaborate with another teacher outside of their district.

Project #2: Junior Division

The focus of this project is to increase parental involvement. The piece will focus on descriptive feedback provided to students in an online space (Edmodo or Edsby). Teachers will focus on using the online space for one math or language assignment in term 1. Parents will be shown how to log on. Release time will be used for teachers to create and assignment and give effective feedback. The intent is to combine this project with “Parents Reaching Out” funding. Parents will meet with the teachers and trained on how to use the program so they can read the feedback being posted to their child by the teacher. This project will be repeated in term 2.