Pilot 2014-15: ThumbPrint

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ABEL’s mandate includes measuring the effectiveness of new tools and resources for teaching, training and learning. ABEL invites its members who have interest in using new and emerging tools and applications to participate in ABEL Research Applications pilots. The purpose of the pilots is to determine how best to implement new learning technologies and applications, identify training and support needs and provide evidence of enhanced teaching, training and learning value.

By taking part in the pilot, participants agree to: 

1. Complete the survey to indicate commitment to be involved.
2. Provide Thumbprint with content for lessons and class list to set up application and accounts for use 
3. Participate in training for the application
3. Use the pilot application for the duration of the pilot (4 weeks in November)
4. Contact Thumbprint during the pilot if any problems arise. 
5. Respond to feedback requests and input during the pilot.
6. Complete a survey at the beginning and the end of the pilot to provide feedback.
7. Participants will have access to the full application until end of June 2015.


Thumbprint is a space for teachers to store, organize, and edit crowd-sourced lessons, tests, quizzes, worksheets, and other materials, and to create new content incorporating different formats (text, audio, and video, worksheets & assessments). Teachers can make materials available to students based on their specific capabilities, and students can challenge themselves through worksheets, quizzes, and lessons at their own pace. Each student’s activity and progress is recorded, and can be tracked by teachers on the fly through charts and metrics of the teacher’s choice. Read more about Thumbprint here.