Leadership Summit 2015: Innovation by Design

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ABEL Leadership Summit: Innovation by Design

ABEL Leadership Summit: Innovation by Design, facilitated by the I-Think Initiative from the Rotman School of Management, will be held on April 16th, 2015 at York University in Toronto.

Innovation is one of the hardest nuts to crack for individuals and organizations. We all recognize the need to advance, to grow and to create the future. But all too often, we rest comfortably in the status quo, kept there by personal and organizational barriers to creativity and innovation. 

One the most helpful paths to producing innovation is to demystify it – to provide practical tools from creative industries that can be applied to individuals and organizations. This one-day workshop takes the best creative tools from the worlds of design and business to provide a practical toolkit generating and implementing powerful new ideas. Learn the creative process that will help you design meaningful solutions in the classroom, at your school and within your district.

The framework begins, as all innovation should, with the user. In your context, this might be students, teachers, board employees or colleagues. How do we engage with users in new ways, to build our empathy for them and help us understand unmet needs? Then, we turn to the process of generating new ideas collaboratively, visualizing and testing those ideas to get meaningful feedback on them. Finally, we explore implementation dimension of these new ideas – asking how we might build a successful strategy for bringing the idea to life.

This day-long workshop serves as an introduction to design thinking and strategy, and offers a very hands-on experience in innovation.


"The highlight was certainly the ability to collaborate with others from around the province to use this process to tackle common problems of practice we all encounter.

"I was very glad I had a team there, folks who I can continue the conversation and learning with in the future - who can collectively support sharing it in the Board."