Leadership Summit 2015: Creative Solutions

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Leadership Summit: Creative Solutions

2015 ABEL Leadership Summit: Creative Solutions - March 4th, 2015 at York University
ABEL Leadership Summit: Creative Solutions, facilitated by the I-Think Initiative from the Rotman School of Management, will be held on March 4th, 2015 at York University in Toronto. Come learn with us about Integrative Thinking, a core skill that underlies successful decision-making, no matter the context of the decision maker.

Whether we are making decisions in our daily lives or in our jobs, many of the problems we face demand engagement with complexity, ambiguity and clashing ideas. As both a problem-solving process and a way of enabling a productive mindset, Integrative Thinking can help us as leaders to find creative solutions.
During the day, participants will: 

•        Learn about the principles of Integrative Thinking as they relate to education 
•        Experience hands-on exploration of the tension between opposing models in education
•        Explore a new way of approaching the factors that constrain our abilities to affect change

This one-day Leadership Summit provides leaders with a hands-on experience of new processes and tools for creative problem solving. By the end of the day, we will be better equipped to leverage Integrative Thinking in our role as leaders. 


"It was helpful from a pedagogical standpoint. Their presentation was a shining example of how to facilitate an effective session and how to create a powerful presentation." 

"I appreciated the idea of finding the rigour not "outside of the box", but rather with deep, "in the box" thinking. All too often, we tend to throw out all that has worked well in the past and we try to initiate new, drastically different ideas. It's often about working smarter, not harder, and trusting our gut." 

"We plan to use this method of thinking with our resource staff in planning for next year's professional development opportunities. This will help with moving forward with our thinking, rather than "whirl pooling" in the negative (the "cons")."