Book Study 2015: Uplifting Leadership

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Uplifting Leadership - Winter 2015

Uplifting Leadership: How Organizations, Teams and Communities Raise Performance

book coverBy Andy Hargreaves, Alan Boyle and Alma Harris 

Uplifting actions and words are infectious; their efforts spread out and influence others.  We uplift others when we uplift ourselves, and vice versa. We lift each other’s spirits, raise each other up to higher moral ground, and surpass ourselves.”  (Hargreaves, Boyle & Harris, 2014, p. 3)

Facilitated by Dr. Beate Planche, with guest involvement of Alan Boyle- Co-Author of “Uplifting Leadership”, this book study will engage participants in compelling discussions throughout the three online sessions.

Participants will:

  • Co-learn about how organizations in business, education and sport can create leadership that is “uplifting” 
  • Co-debrief and reflect on the six factors that underpin how organizations and their staff benefit from leadership that is “uplifting”. We’ll discuss the common threads across these organizations and reflect on our own working situations
  • Co-reflect and consider what leadership actions support the main six factors outlined in the book. We’ll discuss what leadership actions were highlighted in the book and what is transferable to our own settings as well as the challenges

During the conclusion of the book study, participants will explore the ideas that are applicable for implementation in their own work setting. 

Session 1 – Thursday February 12th, 2015:

Understanding the concept of uplift & the impact of dreaming with determination. (Introduction and Chapters one and two)

Session 2 – Thursday February 26th, 2015: 

Considering how collaboration with competition, the tension of push and pull and meaningful measurement moves us forward.  (Chapters three, four and five)

Session 3 – Thursday March 5th, 2015:

How to lead so that success is sustainable while committed to actions that are uplifting. (Chapters six and seven)