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ABEL Leadership Summit: BE Transformative



BE Transformative

Having good ideas is one key element of effective innovation; execution is another. To transform our processes, products and/or practices through innovation takes a combination of personal effectiveness, team capability and an ability to drive organizational change. In this, the third day of our fantastic series, we will learn to think transformatively and execute strategically to realize the innovative results we both need and want.

August 23rd 2016 - REGISTER NOW!


Lee-Anne Photo
Lee-Anne McAlear

Program Director, Schulich’s Centre of Excellence in Innovation Management at York University and founder of the Toronto-based innovation house, CURRENT.  Lee-Anne is a leading innovation specialist with over 20 years of innovation, leadership and team experience. A dynamic speaker, lecturer, and thinker, she has worked in over 31 countries with the mandate of translating innovative ideas into bottom-line results.

Lee-Anne PhotoMegan Mitchell

Program Director, Schulich’s Centre of Excellence in Innovation Management at York University, author and founding partner of Mitchell Consulting. Megan is one of Canada’s top innovation practitioners with over 20 years experience in innovation, marketing, sales, HR and leadership. Megan is a former Director of Leadership & Innovation at Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. Her passion is leadership effectiveness to build innovation capacity, drive growth and increase engagement.


Testimonials from last year's Leadership Summit:

"The highlight was certainly the ability to collaborate with others from around the province to use this process to tackle common problems of practice we all encounter.

"I was very glad I had a team there, folks who I can continue the conversation and learning with in the future - who can collectively support sharing it in the Board."