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ABEL in Action

ABEL connects researchers, educators, public and private sector organizations and other affiliated partners through the program’s core activities. Here are some of the ways in which we’ve put our mandate into action:

Connecting the Classroom

As new technologies develop, ABEL is at the forefront to provide them to its members as tools and services that offer students and teachers new learning opportunities.

One example is Thumbprint - a space for teachers to store, organize, and edit crowd-sourced lessons, tests, quizzes, worksheets, and other materials, and to create new content incorporating different formats (text, audio, and video, worksheets & assessments). Teachers can make materials available to students based on their specific capabilities, and students can challenge themselves through worksheets, quizzes, and lessons at their own pace. Each student’s activity and progress is recorded, and can be tracked by teachers on the fly through charts and metrics of the teacher’s choice. Read more about Thumbprint here

Connecting Researchers

York University uses videoconferencing for collaboration by connecting researcher to researcher across geographical barriers and researchers to other public sector partners. This activity mobilizes knowledge and applies theory that informs public policy. York is also using video conferencing to expand education expertise by having Faculty meet with students in classrooms across the province.

Connecting for Professional Learning

ABEL uses a blended approach to professional learning design – collaborative technology can make online learning as interactive as face-to-face sessions. When teachers are engaged in professional learning makes effective use of information communications technologies (ICTs), they apply those instructional strategies in their classrooms.

TechSmith Relay can be used to capture your computer screen with your own audio during a presentation and easily have this available on a server for others to view. Teachers are currently using this tool to develop: podcasts of lessons; tutorial on material; screen captures; and lecture delivery. Teachers have said that TechSmith Relay allows students to lectures they missed, or review material they are hazy on. The tool is also being used to support other teachers by sharing information.

Connecting the Community

Collaboration is an important mandate for the ABEL Program. ABEL values collaboration between its members and within the community. Using videoconferencing, video streaming and collaborative technologies, the ABEL program makes education-based activities accessible to parents, families and community members. ABEL also works with its private and public sector partners and researchers to connect to the community.

ABEL has worked with Kalanidhi Fine Arts of Canada to livestream a range of contemporary Indian dance from around the world

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